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Deciding to create a store online is a remarkable decision and a stable business model. If you have decided on an item to sell, your next big decision is selecting the best ecommerce hosting to help thrive in this arena.

There are lots of ecommerce templates, but Shopify is considered the best ecommerce hosting. It provides the best template and platforms for your ecommerce site if you take pricing, style, template options as well as ease of use into consideration.

Shopify is comprehensive ecommerce solutions which allow you to make a store online to sell your products. It allows you to organize your goods, customize your storefront, track as well as respond to orders; accept credit card payments, all in a few clicks of your mouse.

Research shows that there are lots of ecommerce store owners that become successful using Shopify. Shopify has remarkable features and benefits.

This article will tell you about a number of drawbacks to this ecommerce web hosting platform. But in due course it is one of the best ecommerce web hosting available.

Reasons Why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Webhosting

Free Trial

You can try this ecommerce free for 30 days. This allows you to explore the many templates of Shopify to select from. See how simple and easy it is to get your store online up and running fast.

Lots of Stunning ecommerce templates/Storefronts to select from

Shopify has over hundred remarkable ecommerce website templates to select from. Totally customizable, you can form and shape your chosen template to fit your online business through putting on your logo, choosing beautiful fonts, changing colors and many more. With Shopify secure hosting as well as a streamlined backend admin area, Shopify make the installation and operation of your online store easy and quick. What is more, you have complete control over the looks of your website, together with all CSS and HTML coding.

No Contract Needed

Once you utilize Shopify, you do not have to commit to any duration. You disburse month to month. However, If you are starting up, the last thing you need to do is get committed to long term costs or expenses.

Computer Skills Is Needed

You do not need to know how to make or build sites to set up Shopify online store. This ecommerce web hosting makes it easy to select and setup any of its hundreds templates just by clicking buttons.

Processing of Payment

Processing of payment is also one reason why Shopify is termed the best ecommerce web hosting. Shopify makes it easy to integrate with a debit card gateway or PayPal. When you offer digital products, no problem as you can deliver them by means of integrated application included with your Shopify subscription.

Utilize your Own Domain

I cannot stress the value or significance of creating your store using your own domain. Yes, you can utilize a Shopify domain- on the other hand for the long term it’s much, much better to begin creating your online store using your own domain. Shopify makes it simple and fast to build an ecommerce store on your own domain.

Why utilize your own domain, simply because once you begin receiving a link to your online store (highly recommended and great for search engine), then when you switch domains- the links you receive to a Shopify domain are wasted. Begin your business on the right way through investing the $10 it expenses to get your own domain.

Low Monthly Fee

Fee is not the basis of being the best ecommerce web hosting, but Shopify is not just the best ecommerce web hosting but also has the lowest monthly fee. You can offer up to 100 SKUs with this plan that for men is a tremendous offering. There’s no setup fee either. If you ever need to upgrade your plan, which is extremely easy to do, Shopify is very flexible.

What is more, however also you need to pay a 2.0% transaction fee as portion of the cost (once you upgrade plans the percentage of transaction lowers). This enables Shopify to charge low monthly fixed cost rates. Being capable of limiting fixed costs and have a variable cost option is a remarkable feature and benefits as your business online off the ground.

SSL Checkout

You surely want to offer your clients safe and secure shopping. With many ecommerce website templates and plans offer by Shopify, you instantly get to offer safe and secure shopping for your clients with the business standard 128bit SSL encryption.

Bandwidth Unlimited

This only means when you get a flood of visitors your website will not be shutdown. This is important to run a successful online ecommerce store.

Discount Promo Codes for Clients

You need to upgrade your monthly plan so as to offer coupon codes. When you are just starting, this is not necessary. If you start making sales, then you are in a position to track or monitor your sales as well as decide when coupon codes could assist build your business.

Automatic Backups

Shopify ecommerce web hosting backs up your online store so you do not need to be concerned about losing any information or data.

Integrate Shopify E-Commerce Template to your Current Website

In case you already have a website or a blog and want to put in a store, it’s no problem with Shopify. You just make your Shopify store on a subdomain which is free to setup.

Customer and Technical Assistance

You can keep in touch with Shopify for assistance, utilize their forums and check out the detailed tutorials in the Shipify Help Wiki.

Drop Shipping Partners and Integration

If you do not like packing and shipping your orders you can utilize a partnr drop shipper like Fulfillment by Webgistic, Shipwire as well as Amazon.

Drawbacks to Shopify Ecomerce Platform

  • You need to upgrade your subscription to use promo codes
  •  Too few drop shipping partnerships.

Despite of these two drawbacks, still Shopify is the best ecommerce web hosting available at this point in time.

Start your online store here

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