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Empower Network

Empower Network Review: Was it Worth My Investment?

Many people around the world are looking for an opportunity to work in the comfort of their home and get a profit by just doing a home-based job. And this is what Empower Network promises to the people looking for this type of opportunity. Visiting this page, we will be learning about this Empower Network review, together with the facts whether it is a scam or a legit business to do online.

This honest review will let you know whether joining Empower Network is a good idea to have a business on your own or you are just paying the name of the business for prominence.

What is Empower Network, Anyways?

Empower Network is considered as an online opportunity, which supposedly gives their members the ability to earn money without having to experience the most common drawbacks most online people go through when starting a home-based business. Empower Network, at the same time, provides digital services (like Blog Beast, a blogging platform), marketing training and information products.

The affiliate program is paying commissions, allowing the members to create substantial profit in working online. This Empower Network review will be revealing more below.

Empower Network Membership Level Cost

For the basic membership, the members will be paying $25 per month. Together with the membership, the cost will also give the members the opportunity to have a blogging site. If a certain member wishes to promote the Empower Network products and then earn commissions, he/she have to pay $19.95 for a monthly fee. For a more far-reaching success, Empower Network persuades the members to join the Inner Circle membership – but need to pay $100 every month.

Empower Network also offers a one-time payment of $500 for the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive, $995 for the 15K Formula, and $3,500 for the Master’s Retreat. In addition, members need to sign up for the auto-responder service to the communication and manage emails with the future prospects.

For the members, you have to remember that you need to buy all of the levels if you wanted to promote with the Empower Network.

If you opt to purchase the low-level blogging platform of $25, you can only receive a commission from that level. And if a new member signs up under you and then buy the higher levels, apparently, you cannot get the commission out from it.

So, as a member looking for ways to earn high out from the new members, you will perhaps force yourself to buy the higher levels, so you can get the most of your membership. We hope that the amounts mentioned in this Empower Network review will help you frame a better decision whether you buy those or not. Was it risky to spend those amounts? Well, let us see.

This is my top recommendation if you’re looking to make money online

What are the Drawbacks about It?

Now that you already know the Empower Network’s basic setup, the fees, and everything, let us now proceed to the persuading part, which will lead you to go through. In the deeper side of this Empower Network review, we will show whether Empower Network is a scam or not. Perhaps you want to discover the sides about it before joining. Here are the cons:

  • Empower Network has no description, so the members will be wondering what types of products they are selling. In terms of business model, the program doesn’t have a clear description and they don’t tell the new prospects how they can acquire success or make money.
  • Empower Network has a lot of up-sells and tells the members that they can actually make earnings.
  • Empower Network forces you to pay $20 in order for you to be paid and this is done every month.
  • Empower Network persuades you to buy all the levels so you can make the most of your investment and membership. Once you are on the lowest level and if someone signs up under you buying the higher level, you can’t take benefit out from the commission to a higher level, instead, you only gain what is in your bar.
  • Empower Network teaches the members to do whatever it takes just to earn. Since the trick is to encourage more people to join under you, you will more likely to use any types of available resources to gain more members. You will be forced to think all possible marketing you to use to spread Empower Network to the world.
  • Empower Network is not offering a free trial to the customers. Whether you like it or not, you have to agree with everything and go with the journey.
  • Empower Network has a lot of complaints in Empower Network review out from their current members. If you are not a badass marketer and don’t know how to deliver the program to other people, your investment won’t get back fast. Some members are expecting to make a quick dollar. The failure to connect to other internet users will let you stay in a stagnant state. And this is where complaint starts.

Is Empower Network a Scam?

To tell you frankly, Empower Network is not a scam because they are not taking an amount of money from the members without any consent from them or fail to give the commissions to the affiliates. However, Empower Network is the same to the MLM scheme.

It is because the current members have to refer more and more people in the program in order to make earnings.

The trick there is, you are not making your own business here but you have to sell the program to other people and teach them to do the same thing to others.


With the name that Empower Network had made, perhaps most of us are already familiar with it, together with the setup; it gives to its members. Empower Network is not a scam. But if I were you, I won’t take the risk of investing in a business that I can’t call mine.

Even though there is a chance you can earn money there, there is also a chance you can’t. Joining Empower Network is like gambling. No assurance. You need to have an attitude there. Advance marketers may have a good shot here, but for newbies? I don’t think so.

If you want to avoid more disappointments about this program, don’t read another Empower Network review.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program is about building a successful business that you are passionate about. Get started here for free.


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