Four Hour Work Week Book Review

Four Hour Work Week Book Review

Four Hour Work Week Book Review

The Four Hour Work Week Book exclusively written by Tim Ferriss has become one of the all-time favorite books that have inspired many individuals to become internet marketers and pursue life of great freedom. Many individuals think that having a 9 to 5 job and hoping that one day they will retire has become the common mindset. They fail to realize that things are actually more than that.

Many have been deeply inspired by Four Hour Work Week Book by Tim Ferriss and this book really shifted up and changed people’s way of thinking.  Many would also be inspired on how Tim Ferriss created a lifestyle and the ability to travel the world and concentrate only on the things that he loved. If you take time to read Four Hour Work Week Book, you will realize that it is highly possible to create a lifestyle like this.

What Four Hour Work Week Book is Really All About  

Upon learning the Pareto Principle, which is commonly known as “80-20 Principle”, Tim Ferriss actually had this revelation; he eliminate distractions, automate systems and streamlined his business until it was no longer just profitable but  started to take less of his time. He then decided to have his “mini retirement” and began writing a book that is all about creating ideal lifestyle designs or simply creating life which ideally balances play and work maximizing the positives on both.  This book is entitled Four Hour Work Week Book.

The Four Hour Work Week Book is actually divided to four sections wherein every section explores one of the essential components of lifestyle design:

  • Define your main objectives and decide what is really important. You need to set goals and take time to ask yourself what you really want.
  • Eliminate distractions in order to free up your time and learn to become effective and not efficient. You need to concentrate on 20% of things that are important and ignore the 80% of stuff that isn’t. You need to put yourself into low-information diet and take time to learn the right ways to shunt interruptions and learn the time to say no.
  • Automate your own cash flow so that you can increase your income. Outsourcing your life is vital. You can hire virtual assistants and have them handle the menial tasks. Establish or develop a business which can run in an auto pilot.
  • Liberate yourself significantly from the traditional expectations. You better design your job in order to enhance or increase mobility. This might mean working from home or maybe utilizing geographic arbitrage to take in mini retirements in different countries with a favorable exchange rate.

The Four Hour Work Week Book essentially describes particular actions that Tim Ferriss took to execute and implement these steps. If you take time to understand the details and the content of his deeper and broader message, you may learn principle that may certainly change your mind.

Whether you are an overworked and stressed employee or entrepreneur stuck within your own business, Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week book can serve as your guide towards new and a revolutionary world. Start forgetting the concepts of retirement and the entire deferred-life plan. There is really no need to wait and hope for nothing. If your dream is to finally escape the rat race and enjoy high-end travels all over the world with an amazing monthly income with surprisingly zero management, the Four Hour Work Week book is the ultimate key to achieve this. This will unveil powerful ways that would allow you to work less and earn more. This book is the amazing blueprint that would make you experience the feeling of having it all.


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