Jaaxy – What Makes It The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy – What Makes It The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

For many people who are engaged in online marketing, they are aware the importance of keywords.

For beginner bloggers down to professional digital organizations and all in between distinguish the power of keywords as well as the absolute need for a powerful and trustworthy keyword traffic tool.

A lot of affiliate marketers likes keywords. After all, this is how their website ranks highly on the search engines. However, what is vital is to get a great free keyword research tool that will enable you to understand and research the best keyword for your niche, and this is where Jaaxy comes into the picture.

Why Are Keywords So Essential?

Whenever someone is looking something online, they will type in what it’s they’re searching for like: how to create a website or set up a home based business. We do it every now and then after you type what you’re searching for the search engines come back along with sites, which are relevant content to the used keywords.

Therefore, every time you create a website, you like to guarantee that when customers look for relevant keywords if they are typing what it’s they’re searching for the site appears as fast as possible and ahead of the competitors.

But first, What Is Jaaxy And How Does It Work?

Jaaxy is one of those free keyword research tools that can help you get low competition keywords.

This is ideal for affiliate marketers as if you could find low competition keyword, together with good traffic then, there’s a great chance that you’ll rank highly for the keyword in search engines.

When you rank highly, you get more traffic that will make you create more money. The tool is online so there’s no need to download the software.

With many years of experience in online marketing, Carson and Kyle made it their priority to build a tool, which will not just make their efforts from a marketing view but will also be helpful to other online marketers searching to grow to their own business.

This free keyword research tool gathers data from 3 search engines – Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Jaaxy distinguishes from other keyword tools, particularly providing to niche marketers through offering helpful information such as domain availability, keyword competition, and other helpful tools.

Here’s what you get with Jaaxy:

  • A list of domains, which are accessible for that keyword
  • SEO Score
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) that works on a traffic light system – yellow means poor and green means good quality keyword
  • Quoted Search Result (QSR) is the competing number of sites, which rank in Google
  • A number of visits to your page when you rank first on the search engines
  • The number of average searches the keyword gets every month
  • A list of alternative keywords

Perfect for Niche Research

If you have considered a niche, which you like to promote, you can use this free keyword research tool to perform the following:

  • Find related keywords to guide you make articles
  • Check which domain name is accessible for you selected keyword
  • Research keyword tools to utilize as your site name

Now, you can do all such things with the help of Google instants and additional research through going to several websites. However, the only difference here is that you can perform this all through one search, therefore, cutting down the administrative time. This additional time could be then spent earning additional cash.

Making use of Jaaxy for your niche research is very practical as you can see before you purchase a domain what the traffic is like for the targeted niche concept.

Apart from that, you can also get better data regarding what other keywords are searched on which are linked to the keyword you’re interested in.

Once you have the concept of keywords to utilize for your niche, then it makes it a lot easier for you to target the content and create constructive posts.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

You will get a limited trial with Jaaxy that enables you to use 30 free searches. Apart from that, the free trial offers you access to the Site Rank Analyzer and different other tools like Affiliate Program finder and Idea feed.

This is ideal for people who are starting up to get a good idea of how an excellent tool like Jaaxy could be.

Click here to start your free searching!

Meanwhile, the Brainstorm Idea Feed is a great piece of extra functionality as it offers you top 20 of trending ideas today from different sites and it includes:

  • Alexa Topics
  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • Google Trends
  • Twitter Trends
  • Yahoo Buzz

The other 2 subscriptions with Jaaxy are the Enterprise edition that currently cost $49 per month and the Pro Version that’s aimed at new sites that cost $19 a month. Here’s what you’ll get:

Pro Subscription

You will get unlimited keyword searches monthly. Also, you get access to everything which the trial version has, however you also get the following:

  1. Search speed is twice that of the trial account
  2. Domain Availability – You’ll be able to identify where the domains linked to your keyword research is accessible to your purchase
  3. SEO Analysis
  4. Keyword Competition – It enables you to see the websites of the competition for the particular keyword.
  5. Multi-Tabled Searches – You receive 2 tabs of searches so you can change back and forth while researching

Enterprise Subscription

As mentioned earlier, this is ideal for power users. Thus, perfect for people running several websites or running SEO services for other customers. You will get extra functionality along with this subscription like:

  • Data sorting
  • Get five search tabs so you can keep more searches open at once
  • Search speeds are five times quicker than the trial
  • Fast competition analysis

Can you Make Cash with Jaaxy

If you plan to use this free keyword research tool, you generate cash in different ways. One of them is through searching for relevant keywords and utilizes them to produce traffic to your site. There’s no doubt that you’ll benefit from it.



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    1. It definitely helps a lot especially if you want to rank higher on Google. This tool is perfect because it tells you what keywords have less competition than others therefore, increasing your chances of your post being on the first pages of Google.

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