How to Make Money on Google Adsense

how to make money on google adsense

How to Make Money on Google Adsense

Many have considered working online as a lifestyle. In fact, there are millions of people who are also doing exactly the same. The good thing is that there are lots of users who are making a living out of it. If you are interested on how they make money online, you may have come across to articles about AdSense.

In this article, you will learn a guide on how to make money on Google Adsense. You will also learn more information about all those things that must be done to start earn soon.

What Exactly is Google AdSense and How It Makes Money for you?          

Google AdSense is actually a free service that is provided by Google for all publishers who want to monetize the content of their website. Publishers can be in a form of YouTube channel, website, blog and online property.  It is actually emphasized that AdSense is the most recognized way of monetizing content for people interested of earning online.

AdSense is actually popular for its ease of use and initial configuration. All that is required of you is to sit back and wait until the money comes into your account. Since they actually pay in time, you’ll never have to worry of being scammed online.

In addition to that, it is just easy to get started with AdSense whereas you must only have YouTube channel or blog and an approval of your AdSense account.

When you already have an account, you will now need to create ads and place the AdSense code right through your blog with the use of free plugins.

And then, AdSense will have to automatically display the ads. Once a reader has clicked on the ads, you will start to enjoy earning money from it.

Then, your goal is to obtain traffic directly to your blog. With more traffic that you get, there will be a lot of income that you will generate.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that Google AdSense is considered as a quality ad network. It is free for you to join but it has maintained its high level of quality. In the event that one has used illegal methods to obtain more clicks, the account will then be disabled.

Create a Channel on YouTube and Upload Original Videos

This is by far one of the most popular methods to be able to get an approval from your AdSense account. Since there are lots of people who are interested in writing and there are also lots of people who love to record and create videos, it is worth considering using this effective method to making money from AdSense.

It is thereby suggested to create your YouTube account. Create a channel for free and begin uploading original videos you already have created. You may make use of your mobile phone that lets you record original videos. You may as well make use of editing tool and video recording toll to make screen cast videos.

To make it clear on what others are really doing, there are geeks who create gadget videos, girls who create fashion related videos and housewives who create cooking-related videos. There are limitless opportunities in store for everyone interested in it. There is also a space intended for everyone.

When you already have set the YouTube channel up for several days with video upload of five to ten quality videos, you are now eligible to make money from uploaded videos. You may apply for the monetization.

After you have created a web property, it is now the right time to apply for an account on AdSense. It is somehow difficult to get an approved account. This is done only if you are working and are fully committed on your website property. This is still not an easy scheme as this mainly requires dedication and patience. The result of it is that you will be paid for your dedication and determination over time.

Create a Free Blog on BlogSpot

Blogspot is a blogging platform for free. This lets you create a blog in just a few minutes. This will be an excellent way for those who have never tried working online. Among those you need to keep in mind include the following;

  • Design
  • Niche
  • Domain Name
  • Pages


Since most websites around the world are powered by WordPress, you really need to consider it as it is the most respected blogging platform. Having a domain and hosting name is challenging and exciting. With WordPress, it is a lot easier for people who have no experience to get started with their blogs online.

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