Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction

	how to practice law of attraction

The law of attraction is very common not only before but even in the present days. It is actually the belief that the universe provides and creates for you which your thoughts have been focused on. In fact, it is actually a universal law whereas like attracts like.

How to Start Law of Attraction

If you are interested in applying the law of attraction, below are a few significant steps to follow on how to start it. The steps will work magically and will develop a specific process that will use the secret or the law of attraction.

Start your journey with law of attraction by following these steps:

  • Make a List of your Dreams

You must make a list of your dreams in complete detail. You must also not put any specific deadline and you must concentrate further on the final outcome or final result. You just have to wait until it becomes real or until you realize it. You must concentrate further on the outcome as part of the job.

  • Be Happy at All Times

Start your day right with a happy mode, despite how difficult or easy life is. It will simply inspire your soul and mind in seeing the good and positive things in life. When you become happy, you will soon attract a lot of happiness.

  • Cultivate the Attitude of Gratitude Each Day

Cultivate the attitude of gratitude and let it penetrate into your body’s cell. If you feel happy, you will even feel more grateful as you shift your concentration from life’s problems to life’s grateful things.

  • Write 10 Things you are Grateful For Early in the Morning

Write a daily gratitude journal. Write about all those things that you feel blessed with.  It might include your money, food, education including the little and big things in life. This has been proven to be life-changing and powerful.

  • Start the Habit of Reading Blogs and Books Related to Law of Attraction

You may start the habit of reading blogs and books related to law of attraction. You can actually do this every night. So, you better make it a habit to read them each day.



How to Use Law of Attraction for Money

If you want to make use of law of attraction for money, you need to concentrate on things that money can bring you. Upon seeing your electric bill, be grateful for the electricity. Be grateful for what it can give you every month like watching television, using hot food, using your hairdryer and lights at night.

When you do this, you will see just what money can bring you. You will also increase the feelings of wealth. And thus, wealth will also come to you.

Below are some of the tips on how to use law of attraction for money.

  • Feel and Be Happy Now. If you feel satisfied and happy, you attract more opportunities and more money. You will notice that the things that you buy are cheaper, like gas or groceries.
  • Change Those Words You Usually Say. Change “I cannot buy it” to “I can afford it”.
  • Grab money that falls from the Air. You could imagine that money falls from the air. Feel like it touches your face, your hair and your shoulders. Breathe in money and it will be around you.

How to Practice Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is an easy to follow concept that you can practice with consistency. Below are some simple steps on how to practice law of attraction.

  • Visualize
  • Concentrate on your Goals Further
  • Practice Affirmations
  • Discuss Plans
  • Do Some Acts of Kindness
  • Spread the Positive Energy
  • Be More Kind to Oneself
  • Spread the Positivity
  • Reflect more on the Progress
  • Meditate
  • Write in your Gratitude Journal


Now, you already have learned all about law of attraction and a few simple steps on how to practice it!



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