How To Write An Ebook

How To Write An Ebook

How to Write an E-book?

Writing an e-book is one of the best things you can do to make money online. Even if money is not what you are looking to do, it is a great benefit to writing them.

The question you probably have though is around how to write an e-book without spending a ton of money, effort and time. If you have never written an e-book, it might seem a little daunting if not impossible to write one.

When you learn the basic steps, writing an e-book is a lot easier than you would have ever thought. Here are some of the simple steps to follow on how to write an e-book fast.

  • Choose a Topic

Easier said than done in some cases, but for first time authors you should always go with something you know. This ensures two things: you will be passionate about the topic and know enough about it to write an e-book without research. If you want to write an e-book fast, it is easier to write about what you know.

  • Research It

If you pick a topic, you should do some quick research. Do not go off and buy dozens of e-books and books to do research. Just do some basic research on Google, write out the steps to solve the problem you are writing about and then add some subtopics to the list.

  • Write

Simple, yet deceptive. It sounds so easy to just take your outline and write, but that is what e-book writers do – they write. Sit down at your computer, pick a sub-topic and then write a couple of sentences about it. Do not worry about how it sounds or if you think your writing is crap, you’ll fix it during the editing stage. The key is to get the rough draft finished fast.

  • Add and Edit It

Take your e-book and starting at the beginning, scroll down and look for any weak areas that need a little more information or a statistic or graph.

Insert the missing information where needed. Once you have added the finishing information, go through and edit your e-book.

Do a quick edit to see if the e-book is flowing when you read it. You should aim for simple sentences and cut things out when the e-book starts to drag.

When you are done with your edit, you have your final e-book. You can send it to a couple of friends or online followers to get their opinions, but if you feel like your e-book is 95% done, it probably is 100% ready to be sold. Don’t procrastinate, because that is the downfall of many.

Start immediately and you will soon be on your way to receiving profits from your e-book creation endeavors.

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