Ibotta Review

Ibotta Review

One of the famous ways on making money with app is through the so-called cash back shopping. Probably, as far as this app is concerned, one of the best and commonly chosen one is Ibotta.  If you want to save money in grocery shopping, then Ibotta is also perfect for you.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an essential app that can allow people to unlock rebates to some certain products by executing simple and easy tasks. Once the rebates are unlocked, you may now go to some of their store and then start to shop. One of the best things about this app is the fact that they have lots of stores which are part of their system of rebates and wide varieties of products where they earn from.

How Does This Ibotta Really Work?

There are essential ways on how to start with this Ibotta app.  This app is made available on Android and iPhone devices. All you have to do is to download this app and then enter a referral code to immediately earn $5 for just joining.

  • Look for Products You Wanted to Purchase

Once you already signed in to this app, you may have the chance to see huge numbers of stores. As you click one store, you may not only see the items they are paying for cash back but also the amount of every rebate.

  • Shopping Till You Drop

Your next step will be a fun experience. You go to your chosen store and then shop at a normal manner. Pick all the items you wanted to purchase and were available on the Ibotta app.

  • Upload Some Receipt for Purchase Confirmation

Once you are already done with your shopping, you need to completely upload all the receipts. You are given two essential choices. Receipts have barcodes and one of the simplest ways is to scan its barcode and Ibotta app will be the one to find for the items you purchase where they are offering cash back. Another way is to take a clear picture of the purchase receipt and then add such items manually on Ibotta cash back on. Either of these two ways you choose can help you to earn and save money in shopping.

Benefits of Ibotta App

There are several types of apps that you may choose as far as saving money grocery shopping is concerned but one of the best is Ibotta. This is due to the huge numbers of benefits that you may get from this app and these are as follows:

  • Easy Way of Earning Money

As you get in touch with this app, you are assured to acquire cash back money in shopping online easily and immediately.

  • Various Stores and Items are Offered

With Ibotta, you are given wider chance to purchase the best items at different stores which are part of their app. This is just a manifestation that you will not experience any difficulty shopping your items.

With Ibotta expect that you will not only acquire easy and simple online shopping activity, but you are also given the chance to acquire cash back in every purchasing every item to some of their stores. So, try to get in touch with Ibotta app today!

Click here to start saving $! 

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