Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude – Is It a Scam?

In our new age, most people are looking for fast and effective ways to earn money without much ado. This has become essential in the advent of business on the online community. Once there is a bait, people will grab it without even reviewing whether it is worth or not. Let us now take a short break and give this review a peek to answer the question, “Is Digital Altitude a scam?”

In this, Digital Altitude review, we will know if this business model is enough for everyone to invest.

We will also know the ways on how it commits to its promise of allowing its members make money fast. Is Digital Altitude a scam? Or one of the most legit businesses you can ever find in the virtual community.

A Deeper Sense about Digital Altitude

Michael Force is the owner of Digital Altitude and he holds an extensive knowledge and experience in selling this kind of high-ticket products.

Force had observed the only and the best way to sell these products is to attach the opportunity to it, which nobody would ordinarily buy in the real world scenario. This is how the MLMs could sell their products to the world, which range from oxygen drops, books, coffee, and chocolates.

While leaving a promise to the customers to have a passive income, have a freedom to sell, and be the boss-of-your-own business, people buy with a hope that other people they encounter will do the same, as they did.

As the cycle sounds a bit familiar, we cannot avoid asking the question, “Is Digital Altitude a scam?”

Apparently, the products you sell to others are for the promotion of the same product, which you buy to others, who will exactly do the same.

The routine and the road you are taking are of no difference. Digital Altitude will teach the members on how to market high-ticket products mentioned above and members can only get a commission if they sell the product they bought.

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The Obvious Trick in Digital Altitude

Perhaps at the first part of this review, you already know how the entire thing runs. You are the customer of these high-ticket products. Digital Altitude will up-sell you all of their products with a persuading usual promise, so you can sell to other people and earn. In short, you will buy the products and you will sell it to others. Every job of selling is left in your hands. You will be the channel in promoting their products.

Through you, they are earning money and their products are promoted. Simple! This time, the promised opportunity has turned to be a responsibility. If you cannot make a sale, then woe is to you. Digital Altitude had its share. They don’t care anymore whether you can make it or not – but you have to recruit more.

And in fact, these products are just their tools to promote the more expensive offers, which are their membership levels. Through these products, the members are also promoting the membership levels. These membership levels are paid every month and you will pay $37 for Aspire Walker, $67 for Aspire Hiker and $127 for Aspire Climber.

Even the cost of Digital Altitude’s promotions has up-sells, including $17 for Affiliate Marketing per month. And for the one-time membership, they are offering $597 for The Base Membership, $1997 for The Rise Membership, $9,997 for the Ascend, $16,997 for the Peak, and $27,997 for the Apex. Don’t be a fool; at the end, you will find yourself paying almost $57,833. Seriously!

So, is Digital Altitude a scam? Let us dig deeper.

Before joining, ask yourself one best question, “What should I have if I opt to quit Digital Altitude, or when it stops its operation? If there is none, then probably, you are selling a promise, and a responsibility to each other to pay for the products and to recruit new members.

What Are the Products Introduced by Digital Altitude?

Soon, you will be realizing that there is no real products on sale except for the membership levels, as well as the tools in order the memberships to other people. In the end, you will find out that you are more likely selling a membership level rather than the products itself, which you can walk away when everything has reached its end.

These tools are including social media marketing, sales funnel and support by coaches to close the high-end sales and others. Members will be given motivational videos, which will target the mindset. However, these videos are more of indoctrination than motivation.

Digital Altitude has all the support you need (really?). In fact, they will provide private coaches who will be with you all the way. They will be assessing your worth and push you to the rim of the sales funnel. Don’t be fooled. You are about to bite the bait. Most members on this stage are excited because they will be assisted to close the sales, but they never ever think that the same persons are closing the sales for their sponsorship. Funny!

Why are you caught by a promise? Why are these coaches wasting their time teaching you instead of selling their products to make money for themselves? They are experts, right? Why need to share their knowledge if they can do it on their own. This is because they want to earn from you and make you a channel to recruit more people in the community.

It is simply stupid. That is what they are doing – by closing the sales for their employers for your sponsorship. And the worst part about it? These coaches will promise that they will be with you – lifetime. Want to know why? Because as long as there is something they can suck, they won’t stop.

Is Digital Altitude a Scam, a Legit MLM, or a Pyramid Scheme?

Of what you read on the contents above, what do you think? Is Digital Altitude a scam? I will be leaving the answer to you. I want you to be wise of spending your penny. Don’t just jump on unsecured investment.

If you are an expert marketer and have a do-whatever-it-takes attitude, then challenge yourself in Digital Altitude.

But if you want to give value to your hard-earned money, switch to the appropriate business, where surefire earnings await.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program is about building a successful business that you are passionate about. Get started here for free.

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