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Organo Gold

Is Organo Gold a Scam?

Have you ever come across Organo Gold? Is this a MLM company? Is this an ideal home-based business opportunity or is Organo Gold a scam? If individuals take a closer look, there are actually few controversies, rumors and some insider secrets that will surprise you. So what you need to do is to read on and pay attention to this Organo Gold Review.

What is Organo Gold Anyway?

First things first, Organo Gold is a known organic coffee manufacturer. The ingredients of their coffee are ganoderma seed powder, grape seed oil, organic green tea, Arabica coffee and organic ganoderma lucidum.

The company is also known to promote wellness and health by means of increasing the anti-oxidant levels combatting harmful free-radicals and boosting immune system. The coffee can be consumed every day for ultimate results.

Organo Gold was actually founded in 2008 but officially launched in 2011. Their entire product line is available for purchase through their official site and distributors.

Many like that some of their products contain natural or organic ingredients therefore lots of favorable comments and feedbacks are shared by customers. However, there are those who are not really fully satisfied and amazed with Organo Gold  products.

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Be Aware!

Many are aware that Organo Gold promotes better health through the products they offer. The company is said to be putting a powerful herb in a cup of coffee known as Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a big mushroom and is said to be packed with antioxidants which are considered to be few things found in nature that contain all the minerals and vitamins for your body.

But reports revealed that this herb is linked with some negative side effects. Using Ganoderma for over 3 to 6 months might trigger individuals to experience side effect such as upset stomach, dry mouth, nosebleeds, dizziness and more.

Individuals may also experience nausea, vomiting, itching, dry throat and more. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are therefore advised to consult a doctor before taking Ganoderma.

Unreasonable Price for Organo Gold Coffee?

Many individuals are asking “is Organo Gold a scam?” but the high price of the Organo Gold ingredients is also major concern. Many would agree that tea and coffee should not really be ultimately expensive and individuals will surely leave a company that retails expensive coffees costly than those found on grocery stores.

Some customer just said that the price of is Organo Gold coffee is just way too high to spend on cups of coffee. Some individuals also commented that a coffee cost almost the same as one week worth of groceries.

However, there are still customers who do not really mind about the products’ cost. Cost does not matter to them but quality does.

Side Effect-The Problems

Some individuals may not know it but customers who have used Organo Gold coffee complain about some negative side effects. The caffeine content is higher than normal. Some drinkers of is Organo Gold coffee commented that they felt shaky upon drinking it. The blends also make them feel sick to their stomach and nauseous.

However, not all effects are bad. Some customers revealed that drinking is Organo Gold coffee makes them feel more energized and this is something they owe from good quality coffee. So, if drinking is Organo Gold coffee results to adverse reactions, it would still be best to find safer and healthier alternative.

The Science

It has been found out through studies and research that is Organo Gold products contain organic ingredients. When it comes to is Organo Gold product line, there is actually no study that connects it to more improved weight loss and wellness.

The Pros and Cons of is Organo Gold

The company and its product line also have its weak and strong points. The pros and the cons of Organo Gold are highlighted below:


The company is selling healthier coffee and they have attained huge growth. The solid strength of the Organo Gold lies on their exclusive products. Coffee is said to be a famous beverage and if you love coffee, this might just be the perfect business for you. You can get the coffee and sell it to make profits.


The company has very limited product line basically the Ganoderma with several methods of coffee delivery. The Organo Gold depends on home-tasting parties and does not really offer effective online marketing training and tools.

On nutritional side, the company has relied heavily on one herb and that is the Ganoderma Lucidum. Some individuals are tricked to join making them believe that they will easily get rich with this online opportunity.

The Bottom Line

You might want to invest on Organo Gold products but you better read and understand these final thoughts. It is true that Organo Gold contains some organic and natural ingredients.

In fact, there are many positive comments about this but, there is really no definite and proven connections between the coffee and weight loss so there are individuals who are a bit concerned about this. High price tag and harmful side effects have also been reported by some customers leaving other people skeptical about using Organo Gold products.

Sure that Organo Gold has something to offer to people but note that not everyone wants health benefits on their coffee.

Also the business model of Organo Gold is also not for everyone. There is also no guarantee to your investment in case you decided to go into this Amway business model and there’s no assurance of success either. The compensation plan of the company is also not agreeable or likeable for some and you may not just agree on how you are going to be paid in case you invest on their products.

Aside from Organo Gold products, there are surely better products available out there. Organo Gold products may be possible options but not the best options. If you love drinking coffee, choose wisely. There are other manufacturers that can provide you the most fantastic collections and you will realize that spending money on these products is more worth it.

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