Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority

Is Traffic Authority a Scam?

Every website owner knows that traffic is vital for any online business. If you have more traffic, you will have more leads that will then convert to more sales and revenue.

Having quality online traffic is also crucial to draw your prospects to your business site and keep and establish long-term relationships with existing clients. With this, program developers and businesses have designed products that will help website owners gain more traffic online, such as Traffic Authority.

Is Traffic Authority a scam? With the different services and products online that offer more traffic, it is important for every buyer to make a thorough analysis of such items before making a purchase. Knowing whether Traffic Authority a scam or not is critical to save your business time, money and valuable resources.

But, what is Traffic Authority?

This is a company that offers a variety of traffic packages for website owners and marketers to use in order to promote their online businesses and website. The packages include:

  • Basic – 220 dollars
  • Bronze – 440 dollars
  • Silver – 660 dollars
  • Gold – 1097 dollars
  • Platinum – 2197 dollars
  • Titanium – 4297 dollars

What’s more is that there are also added products, including:

  • $47 per month – you will gain access to training videos and tools, including landing page builders, web traffic trackers, pop-up generators and countdown timers.
  • $97 per month – get access to Traffic Authority Academy, offering tutorials that include social medial and email marketing, connecting with digital influencers and buying traffic.

In addition, they also provide a Traffic Authority Plan where you purchase the traffic packages and market it to others for them to buy too.

What Issues Do Most People Find with TA?

As you probably have noticed, the first issue that many people have identified is the price. The product packages that range from $220 to $4297 is just too expensive for a product that does not even have guaranteed returns. This does not mean that your online business should be guaranteed huge profits after purchasing this product. What it means is that the price seems to be too sketchy for something that has not been proven successful and profitable or even been operating for a long time.

The price is the main issue about Traffic Authority. Obviously, high-ticket items will grand you great affiliate commissions, but you will need to pay the full price to advertise those products, which means thousand dollars. You need to own the products to be qualified to receive commissions, so you must own all the traffic packages, both the TA training and Traffic Optimizer tools for the residual income.

Another issue that some found is that the company is setting very unrealistic goals, often appearing too good to be true. They promise that you can make 10,000 dollars per month and achieve financial freedom in just thirty days with their 3-step process. Indeed, that is a great promise but not everyone is a big fan of such outrageous claims.

The Verdict

So, is Traffic Authority a scam? Probably not entirely, but you may find it a bit sketchy too. It would really be a great idea to test out the traffic first to see whether it really converts or not. As a business opportunity, its startup cost is very expensive, even costlier than most network marketing companies you can find on the market.

Remember: it involves your very important investments, so you have to be very careful before making any decision. Do not be misled but be wise on your decisions, especially when it comes to your business. You have to make a thorough evaluation and analysis before signing up.


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