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It Works

Is It Works A Scam?

Struggling with weight is one thing that can get a person’s self-esteem broken and also put a lot of pressure on them. this problem cuts across every kind of person ranging from youths to adults, women to men, the young and the old, and the rich and the poor.

Many people all over the world find themselves struggling with keeping their weight at a level that they feel is healthy for them.

For this reason, many of them are always looking for products to help them achieve the desired body weight.  For these people, when there is an introduction of a health product in the market that can take away their troubles, they will always be quick to jump on board and try out the products.

We are living in a world where many people take advantage of other people’s needs, frustrations, and misfortunes. One of such companies is It Works; a company founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost. This company sells products that guarantee people weight loss after using them. Some of these products include body wraps, skin care products, and even nutritional products.

Many people have been scammed by this company and have lost so much money on these products without seeing any results months later after their continued use. It Works is a scam.

Many people have not seen any changes after using the body wraps provided by It Works let alone weight loss as claimed by some! Many customers have complained about the inefficiency of the body wraps.  Some other distributors claim that the body wrap will detoxify the place that has been wrapped and this is just a crazy thing to even say out loud. There is no scientific connection between body wraps and body detoxification.

Many people have also complained that this company does not make it clear that when you purchase these products you are most likely making a subscription that you will be charged for a number of months.

The omission of this fact means that you will be charged for products that are not helping you for a number of months.

Anytime you want to cancel your subscription, they always seem to make it difficult for you by charging you a cancellation fee. This means that you experience multiple losses.

Another thing to consider is, it they are a legit company that delivers on their promises, why is it that when you keep expressing concerns about the ineffectiveness of their products, they may entirely cut any communications with you as they have done to many people?

If they do not cut you off, they still encourage you to combine other products and when you do, they still fail yet they keep benefiting from your money. This can be said to be away to just hold on to people because they do not want to lose their money.

The fact that the only people that support the effectiveness of these products are mostly the distributors is also a very fishy fact. The authenticity of a product can only be substantiated by the public. Since there are not so many people in support of the products, then it is quite clear that it is a scam.

The effects of the skin products that It Works! Sells are not permanent. This is also one indicator that shows you should stay away from these products. If you are going to spend money on skin care products, they should be able to meet your expectations.

Basing on all these, I would advise you to avoid getting wrapped up in the thought that It Works will help you in any way because It Works is a scam. Move on to something better. Or better still; try the gym and scientifically proven products.




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