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Millionaire BizPro

Millionaire Bizpro – Will It Make You a Millionaire or Just Another Scam?

Over the years, many entrepreneurs had experienced success by just doing a business using the digital platform – and this is what Derek Maxwell promised to the members in Millionaire Bizpro (Maxwell is the founder of this online training course for business).

Millionaire Bizpro is another subscription-based business training course in the online community today, which holds a promise to educate people how to make a million dollar valued business. Its website is manifesting a thought for wise people that as if it is the same with few scam business known out there and many curious business-minded individuals are asking if Millionaire Bizpro is a scam or not. In this review, we will be taking a closer peek to the program if it is true to its promise to make a million dollar valued money or it is just another type of scam lingering around the internet today.

Millionaire Bizpro: What Is It?

Millionaire Bizpro is a business model that had been around. There is nothing revolutionary in it, certainly. And it is something like a course that won’t effectively work if not done right. The idea about Millionaire Bizpro is just simple – use a custom-made landing page in order to collect email address while promoting a product as an affiliate.

The product will cost $47 every month and they have a 60-day refund policy for the unsatisfied members. Millionaire Bizpro is promising the members with a set of 16 custom-made landing pages, which allow the members to use for free while collecting email addresses. These are simple but well-designed video landing pages, which are extremely useful in a mission to collect email addresses, as well as in building lists. But the question here is, “Are these video landing pages are as effective as what Millionaire Bizpro had promised to the members?” We’ll see.

The Downsides about Millionaire Bizpro

Before opting to join Millionaire Bizpro, perhaps it is good that we have to know what the drawbacks it gives. Since this type of business is leaving a promise to their members, let us all find out if they are committed to it.

  1. The Videos

Noticeably, in these video landing pages, it has an annoying side, which some of us might don’t like. The problem is you cannot skip the video if you want to proceed to the next part, so you have to wait for it to finish. Each video is playing more than 8 minutes, so this could be a nuisance to the internet users and for the people, who might be interested in the offers. Even though there is a skip button on it, you still need to wait for the entire video duration to click on it and then check out its main page to see the core offers.

Regardless of the excellence of the offers, if the surfers have no time to sit around for minutes just to see the videos, the products may suffer when these flawed designs on websites are dominating.

  1. The Testimonials

Another thing that is very apparent is that they are shoving their products closely to the terrains of scams because the trick used to market the products and to boost sales is the same with what the scam does. They are using fake testimonials. A service-based market like Fiverr, where people do anything they want for a couple of bucks, makes it possible for marketers to hire individuals to do a review on their products through a video.

In the video that Millionaire Bizpro used, there are few fake testimonials from fake people. These people haven’t actually used the product yet but saying they have turned double, triple or even quadruple their small capitals by joining Millionaire Bizpro. In some of their video testimonials, it is very obvious that some are fakes.

  1. Free Products

What the Millionaire Bizpro does is that it is finding the products to the marketplace you can promote with a complete landing page, together with your personal affiliate links. Then, everything will be left in your hands and knowledge to promote the landing pages, to find traffic and to make sales. One of the most questionable things pertaining to these landing pages is that they are all promising free products – however, there are no real products into it.

There will be some sales videos pushing you to enter your own email address in order for you to access the system. Then you need to watch another type of sales video that will lead to the sales page. These landing pages are effectively designed for two different things – to collect the email address while, at the same time to squeeze in the sales pitch.

If you opt to promise for the free product, it is ultimately important that you need to commit yourself to that certain promise, instead of promising another thing, which will lead people into entirely different offering – this is very disappointing and unethical, right? Millionaire Bizpro should be true to their promise to the members if they want to create a reputable name and gain the trust of millions of subscribers.

Is Millionaire Bizpro a Scam?

Generally, we cannot say that Millionaire Bizpro is a scam business model because there are some sorts of product offerings behind it sales page. However, with the training materials they provide, I can’t say that they are perfect enough for us to be taught about creating an online business and making more money.

Perhaps, for some other reason, it might be possible for the one to create an online business and make some money using this type of system.

However, distributing the product of another people it is not going to be the ideal and sustainable business if you really want to become successful. And the hardest part there as a marketer is that it is difficult to send traffic to the landing pages.

If you don’t have an idea about traffic, then you can have a hard time to fulfill your mission to thrive under this system. If you are new to marketing, then Millionaire Bizpro will not help you make millions of dollars. Think about this.


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