Nu Skin

Nu Skin

Nu Skin: A Big Business Opportunity or Just a Scam?

Everyone wants to have young and fair looking skin. It will always be the part of the body which is given the best treatment. People tend to use different skin care products in order to make their skin be free from signs of aging and instead have a youthful and rejuvenated skin which they can flaunt. With a variety of skin care products today, people are using different products to know which one works perfectly.

However, multilevel marketing companies are taking advantage of the demands of skin care products in order to acquire lots and lots and lots of money.

Nu Skin is one of the multilevel marketing companies that is found today and becomes one of the most interesting brands when it comes to skin care products since it helps in making the skin replenished and definitely gives the changes that the users are looking for. Is Nu Skin a scam? This is always the question asked by everyone and people would really want to know if it is a scam or not.

Several people have joined this multilevel marketing company because of the big income that they can get. But not all people who join Nu Skin are successful; some of them fails and loses the money that they have invested.

About Nu Skin

Nu Skin is a company whose niche is direct sales and it has been marketing products like cosmetics and skin care. When joining the company, you have to pay as startup fee which will make you an independent distributor of the company and will also be given the chance to retail the products even at the comforts of your home. Once you have sold the products, you will also receive a retail profit.

Nu Skin is a good option for people who would want to start a business since the products sold are not seasonal but it is badly in demand especially to women since the products are skin care and cosmetics. The products offered are mostly the ones that people are looking for which will not be a waste of time and of course of money. The company is a reputable one which you can rely on and gives high quality of products.

Is Nu Skin a Scam?

People will always say that Nu Skin is a scam. If you want to know about it, try the product. Nu Skin said that their products are the fountain of youth while the users said that it is not and it a scam. The only person who can only judge the effectiveness of the product is only you since you are the one who has experienced the product.

If you want to be sure that you are investing on the right product, it is always best to try the product to see for yourself if it is indeed worth your money and time. Don’t be easily influenced by other people like your friends and impulsively decide to join because of peer pressure since if you accept the offer of your peers before testing the product, it is either you will earn some or will lose some.

We cannot say that the company is indeed a scam but what is wrong is that it provides false and deceptive information in order for the company to receive profit. People who have joined the company are the ones who can define if it is indeed a scam or not.

If you are a distributor of Nu Skin, you can testify of how true the company and its products are. An authentic company that focuses on direct selling will have lots of customers and most of which are loyal ones. A company will never have any loyal customers if it is a scam and if the products do not work for them. However, if a company launched its business as a way of making money or a chance to have a business on your own, certainly it can be a scam or a pyramid scheme. And Nu Skin was never free from pyramid scheming. Truthfully, its company is China was fined by $540,000 because of pyramid scheming. But we cannot all blame it on the company itself because the distributors can also be the source of the issue.

Is Nu Skin a scam? To answer this question, I think that the company is not really a scam because it provides existing products and has been operating in different countries. Also, it may not be a scam since it is still operating today and the government of the countries they are distributing does not have any complaint or never closed the business.

Did many people succeed at Nu Skin?

Nu Skin may not be a total scam but the success rate that it gives is low. There are many people who are joining the company for business opportunities but out of all the people who became a member of the company, not even half of it became successful. Why? Because not all people well informed about the product and how it should be presented. People who succeed from Nu Skin are the people who have the willingness and are thirsty for success. If you don’t have any of them, you will never become successful and this is the reason why not all members succeed because they lack the traits.


Nu Skin is not really a scam who will just accumulate your money and run. If you are a consistent user of the product of Nu Skin, it can be a source of motivation for you to join the business and earn your money. You are the living proof that the products are effective. However, if you are just looking for a business opportunity, it is not best to involve yourself with Nu Skin because there is a high possibility that you will not succeed in your venture and will just simply waste your money because not all people who join Nu Skin becomes successful.

Nu Skin is not a scam; it is just a matter of how you will handle the business itself.



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