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“I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 to check out the site for a review, and I’ve never left. Since joining, I turned my website from a hobby into a full-time career: all thanks to the training and support offered here. It really is the best training resource on how to build a business online. I’m never leaving.”
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How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Starting a business is risky, difficult, and expensive—and that’s why so many online entrepreneurs are turning to affiliate businesses!

Instead of buying expensive inventory, hiring employees, or testing an unproven business model, affiliate sites allow online entrepreneurs to take advantage of the e-commerce boom and gain truly passive income.

It’s simple: when you link to products on your website and somebody buys them through any of the hundreds of affiliate partners out there, you earn a percentage of each sale.

You don’t have to ship, offer customer support, hire employees, or carry inventory. All you have to do is feature products and collect affiliate commission. It’s that easy!

Here’s the 3-Step Success Process:

  1. Get started with Wealthy Affiliate and create your website

  2. Choose a niche and link to products on your site

  3. Scale your site into a 4, 5, or 6-figure online business

From Step 1, you’ll have all the training and support you need to be successful. You’ll have the proven frameworks and strategies other Wealthy Affiliate members have used to create passive income, earning money day and night from anywhere in the world.

Plus, there’s no limit to how many affiliate sites you can create so your earning potential is exponential!

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“I started internet marketing while living in China. The idea was that I could make American money while living in China, and live like a King. I could make money in different time zones, and essentially have cash flow 24/7. I didn't realize then how well it would work".
Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

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  • You don’t want the risk, time investment, or expense of a traditional business.
  • You want to follow a proven framework and cash in on the multi-billion dollar e-commerce industry.
  • You want to work from anywhere at any time—even from home or on vacation!

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