What Is the 67 Steps By Tai Lopez About

what is the 67 steps by tai lopez about

What Is the 67 Steps By Tai Lopez About

what is the 67 steps by tai lopez about

There are times we may ask ourselves if how can we determine if we live a good life. For some, they may say they have a good life because they get what they wanwhat is the 67 steps tai lopez aboutt as they live an abundant life.

There are others who may say they have a good life because they are rich and got friends and family.

So the answer depends on how the person receive all things he want in life

Nobody wants to live in misery. We always want to live worry-free as if we have nothing to ask for.

Tai Lopez, an entrepreneur, author, and investor, taught us it is possible to happen when he learned the important things that should be pondered.

Based on the personal story of his life and insights he got from the books he read, let us understand what Tai Lopez and the 67 steps is implying to us.

What are the 67 steps by Tai Lopez about?

Tai Lopez taught us the importance of balancing wealth, health, and social health to reach the eudaimonia state. This term simply means excellence of the quality of life but Tai calls it as “The Good Life.”

There are 67 factors to achieve the purpose of having a good life. Through the video, Tai Lopez discussed the lessons for the common question “What are the 67 steps Tai Lopez about?”

He implies most people tend to be delusional which means we deserve a good life without the need exerting an effort just to achieve it. All you just need to do is to do the necessary actions to achieve it.  You are responsible for your own life which means you have to do some things while there are some you need to give up.

He also said we must pay attention to the changes in our surroundings and make use of those as our advantage. By checking your habits and determining if you are living a revolutionary stable energy which means you based the decisions you have to make through long-term thinking.

tai lopez and the 67 steps

He also points out that each person has humility most especially if we learn lessons from others and even from those whom we do not expect their value.

Listen to those people who already gone far and achieve greater more than what you have. They are the people who show expertise and he got what you desire to have.

It is a very common scenario where some people refused to listen to others who are more knowledgeable than them.

From those knowledgeable and expert people, you can have one as your mentor. They can shape your life through learnings they can share you.

Mentors can be in many forms – the person you meet in real life, seminars you attended, or books you read. Aside from learning from your mentor, be a mentor for other, too.

Tai Lopez mentioned the 33% law wherein you need to divide ⅓ of your time for people you mentor, ⅓ for people with people who has the same level with you, and ⅓ for people who serves as your mentor.

Although Tai emphasizes although you need a mentor, make sure you relied on people who has a proven expertise before taking his advice.

This simply means you could only trust someone if you see he personally do what he tells you. How could you follow the health advice of a fitness trainer if he himself is obese? Well, you have the reason to be doubtful.

Tai Lopez also taught us about “the sculpture approach.” Carefully identify the right direction you choose to go and you must adapt to it or adjust accordingly. Each aspect of wealth, health, and love just do not come by chance but because of the selected steps, you did every day. This means you should not think other people got the good things easier than you.

This is the common mistakes of people. They usually think other people have a good fortune although they have not seen how these people they judge do the hard work, feel the pain and endure the stress before they became successful. This simply means we must not judge the success of someone from what we see outside of them. There is always a hard work involved during successes.

Another important lesson to ponder is thinking the value of our salary is equivalent to the time we spent to work. This is a great mistake since we are getting blind to see the new opportunities. We must, therefore, motivate our brain we get paid due to our performance. In this way, we will have to work harder and better to achieve the performance-based salary.

Another endless lesson Tai teaches us is we must also learn from the failures we see from others instead of just focusing on our own.

Experiencing a trial and committing an error could still be corrected by due time and spending your energy, however, frequent errors we made can be considered as fatal. There might be a big problem in us if the case is repetitive.

He recommended that books could give us learnings, too. Reading is a habit which is more than valuable. We need to specialize a specific field while we develop our conversational skills deeply. It is also very common where some people just ended up schooling without really knowing what they are up to.

They do not even know their specializations although they studied the course for years.

Therefore, you must know yourself deeply. Know what you want and know how to take steps seriously for you to succeed in the area you want to be. We should do the right steps not because it is our passion, but because it is what you like to be.

What Is My Final Take?

If we are to analyze all the learnings he wants us to know, they are truly correct. Purchasing this course is valuable most especially if you correct your habits based on what Tai taught and apply all these lessons in real life.

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